Toy Poodles


 I  cannot guarantee that any animal sold  will be

suitable for an individual prospective owner.   While I raise these animals

in a loving caring household environment, I cannot guarantee that the animal will not be influenced by your environmental surroundings


Deposits are non refundable if you change your mind.  If the Buyer pulls out or cancels at any

time, the deposit will be retained by ME .  So, Buyers must think

before placing deposits.   I will only refund deposits if I feel situation warrants it or

I decide to cancel the sale of a pup or adult poodle.


I reserve the right to withdraw a puppy from sale at any stage or change the price of a puppy offered for sale at any time before a deposit has been paid


The dog is warranted to be in good health at the time of delivery  

A full guarantee is offered on any genetic health problem

All puppies are Vet Checked, Microchipped & vaccinated at 6 weeks and have their dew claws removed


They are also groomed come with pedigree papers and information sheets


The required vaccinations and de-wormings are as indicated on the health

record. I advise the Buyer however, to have the dog examined by a licensed

veterinarian of the Buyers choice within 72 hours after receipt of the dog.

I recommend you take a stool sample with you.  


You need to be made aware that toy poodle colours change a number of times

during their life.   When born dark red for instance, they can lighten in


While most red toy poodle will darken

again in the first year, there is no guarantee that they will regain their

birth colour.   Red toy poodles also lighten after 2-3 years and can

continue to lighten through their life usually to a soft red.


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