Toy Poodles

About Me

 I  have always had dogs of many breeds and descriptions but my love of poodles only  started what seems a few years ago with my beloved Kandy

Kandy was purchased from Perth during the time my husband and I were touring Australia.From then on our lives changed. She entered our hearts,arms,bed,backpacks,bikes,boats and friends hearts also.

She only asked one thing of us.. to be with her "Mum" 

Where you saw me, my little shadow was always there,in my arms ,under my chair.always looking out for me.

Four years we travelled with our girl,never was she left behind,the things she saw ,the places she many exciting smells. Our travelling friends were very tolerant even when we were ordered out of National Parks,  shopping centres etc . What a life she had..asleep on my knee as I tried to fly my brothers small plane across to Tasmania..Out on lots of fishing boats all her life..she loved it when the rod went off and better if we landed the fish.The beach she adored and prawning was such fun for her unless I went out too deep and then she would be frantic with worry. When we decided to settle and bought our home on the beach she decided that no way was she going to be left home..where I went.. her also. She was very obedient so never caused any problems.

Kandy passed away at only 13 years old..she went into heart failure ..we raced her to the vet and tried everything to give her more time but to no avail. We wondered at her timing as we were at a dear friends funeral..but these people were her friends also and maybe she thought it might be easier for her "Mum" with friends around..we all cried for her.  I was just  totally devastated

Life was so lonely after she was gone that it was only a short time before two little red toy poodle girls joined our family,these beautiful girls were such lovely natured and had such wonderful bloodlines that the decision to breed quality pups so others may enjoy them as family members or go on to show was made.... I was privileged to purchase my beautiful stud boy Toydior  Danman Rad Moet . three more lovely dark red girls and a little apricot girl that I bred from my first girl Jessica and new import from USA Magicstar Cajun Puymera complete my poodle family.My poodles are our family & will never be caged and if they are ever re-homed it would have to be to a special family


My Beautiful Elle .now at Rainbow bridge with Kandy